The Rarest Cannabis Strains 

Not all strains are equal. Some are rare, and with new and new hybrids and changes coming along, it’s quite interesting. There are unique strains out there that you can get though, and they’re worth mentioning. They’re considered “mutant” strains, but these strains do have certain benefits not otherwise seen like the pink runtz strain, Chiquita Banana, cherry pie and many more .

Dr. Grinspoon

This is a very unusual strain and is basically a pure sativa that has a slender and stringy growth to it, helping it reach amazing heights in a small period. it also creates buds that are separated and airy and also look strange because of the lack of compact nature to this. it doesn’t even look like a cannabis plant, which is until you smell it, and you realize that yes, it’s very much a cannabis plant. The most interesting part of this is that it’s got a 95 day flowering time period, and it also has a pretty decent high that lasts a long time, stimulates you, and it’s potent. It is great for those looking to be creative while also smoking a bowl.


This is one that’s in Australia and it’s got a mutation that does make the leaves look webbed and furled, with other leaflets that are there, and it doesn’t have the serrated or spear leaves like others, so it literally looks like the foot of a duck. A recessive gene is what causes this, and it’s found only in strains that are dominant in sativa. It’s actually a mutant strain from what’s called Wally Duck, and it’s something that actually is quite common despite it technically being a mutant. The unique part of this as well is that it has a mild scent, which if you want to hide your weed amongst other plants, it’s possible to have this without attention drawn to you. Discreet growing such as on a balcony is the best way to grow this. It’s unusual too since it does have an aroma that smells less like weed, and more like another plant. Finally, it does have some cool, realizing results from this that do beef up the effects too, helping to create truly unique and wonderful results.

Frisian Duck

This is basically a hybrid of the previous one, duck foot. This is basically Frisian dew mixed with duck foot, and it pretty much is made for those who want to grow this outside, but also want to have something that’s very resistant to the pests and the cold, since duck foot is known for that. It has some great buds that are a vibrant purple, and a very unique scent. Another cool thing is that like duck foot, it also has those leaves which are webbed, that make it discreet to grow, which is great for guerrilla growing, or for more low-profile kinds of gardening. It’s also a good beginner-friendly cannabis strain.

Bindi Buds

This is also known as ABC, Australian bastard cannabis, which is basically a new kind of cannabis phenotype newly found in Australia, and due to the strange morphology, it has a similar texture to sativa, and it also is considered a landrace strain that’s from the first sativa strain in the area, mostly because of the major genetic differences. However, there is some chance that this may be a mutation or a strain that’s just purely unusual. It’s brushy, and it has some leaves that are glossy and crowded, and the edges are very smooth, with a length max of 5cm to this, made with small clusters. It’s something that has a citrus aroma to it and is similar to the hop plant as well.

Cannabis Strains Resistant to Mold

Molds is something that can ruin a cannabis yield, and it can definitely cause major issues. But there are strains that are resistant to mold out there and if you want to get something that makes it resistant, here are some great strains for you to choose from.

Viper City OG XIII

Moxie seeds is the one who created this one, and they’re known for the stagging amounts of trichomes in this, and this is something that people who love resin will get a lot out of. This one has some amazing terpenes, and cannabinoids, and is also resistant to humidity levels too, and also can protect against molds. This is an indica hybrid that comes from Lennon OG and Viper City OG and is compact and also will grow with a ton of branches along the side, which does play heavily into the production of buds too. It resists the pests, and also doesn’t have issues with imbalances of nutrients, which makes it amazing for those growing it as a beginner.

Biddy early

This is one from Serious Seeds and is also good for growing in places with more humidity and is mold-resistant. This is great for growers outside, and this is one that comes with a beautiful purple color when it blooms, so it will definitely make your garden look good, while also being quite resistant as well. This is a hybrid of Warlock and Early Skunk, which is good for cultivation both outside and inside, and it grows with a structure of a Christmas tree, with a ton of resin glands at every single bud site out there. This is also very easy to grow, and it flowers early and is resistant as well to the cold temperatures along with molds and high humidity.

Easy Haze

This is one of the best seeds out there, and was formerly known as the K13 strain, and this is a sativa that’s great for those who love those with Haze genetics to this and is good for those that have plants that are resistant to any climate conditions or molds that may grow on this. This does have a natural type of resistance, and the flowering early makes it very easy to harvest too. It’s a Kali mist and yumbolt mixture, with a growth and vigor that makes it super ideal, with a ton of side branches and bud sites aplenty. Plants that are resistant to bad climates and molds will definitely want to have this in there, and it’s a good one because beginner growers will also not have a ton of issues with this as well.

Fuel OG

This is another one from Ripper seeds that definitely is good for mold resistance. It also has a ton of resin produced from these, and it’s something that definitely will work if you’re looking to get real results. If you want to get this, you can cross the New York City Diesel, along with OG Badazz creating this, depending on the phenotype types f this, and this is something that’s got a fast growing, and is also something that yields quite a bit of buds, with a ton of calyxes that you’ll want to look at. With a lot of cannabis plants doing well in less humid conditions, finding one resistant to mold is a bit of a challenge, but with this guide, you’ll be able to get a variety of different seeds and buds that come from this, and different strains that’ll play a major role in this, so that you’re able to, with this as well, get some amazing benefits from this.