How to stop cannabis plant death 

How to stop cannabis plant death 

Cannabis plant death does happen sometimes during cultivation, and here, we’ll go over why that is, and why a seedling might die in the first few weeks of its life. 

Death before germination 

Sometimes, the seeds might die even before you grow them, which in that instance, the grower may not see the seeds sprout period. This is something that needs to be kept in a specific kind of condition, especially to save the leftover seeds. This goes for seed packs too. That’s because some are in demand and the stock may be few, so it’s also why it’s important to be mindful of any leftovers you have. 

If you are noticing cannabis seeds dying before this point, it’s probably due to how the seed packs are stored. They need to have humidity that’s left over, and low temperatures to ensure the storage is correct. You should put this in a fridge that’s no frost, and that the humidity along with the temperature is kept a certain level before  it has a chance to die off. 

This also is best to just stay unopened in this location, and you can keep this in the fridge too, similar to where the butter and eggs are kept. If you have leftovers, you should consider getting Eppendorf tubes that are there, used typically by banks. In this, the tubes also will hold the seed area, and they also have silica gel packets in this too, in order to offer low humidity so that the seeds don’t lose their chance for germination. 

Keep in mind though that even if you do keep them in the proper location, if they aren’t used after a bit, they do lose the potency that does make them special and useful. You should always keep these out of the sunlight too, since that also affects the viability of these plants. 

Death During Germination 

When you’re trying to grow, another very commonplace where a plant may die is during germination. This is something a lot of growers end up experiencing. There are a lot of reasons for this, which we’ll go into here. A big part of this is that errors do happen during germination, and not that it’s something that you’ll probably realize, but usually, in the instances of germination, it may not mean that it didn’t germinate, but it may not keep up with the rest. 

The most common ways though are usually mistakes of the growers. A big one, is drowning the seed when it’s germination. They need a good temperature, moisture, and enough oxygen, but if you give them too much of that, the seed will just get waterlogged, and it will not grow. 

You can also make sure that it’s waiting a bit as well for this, and make sure that you don’t drown this at all. You should use a spray bottle to hydrate it rather than trying to use anything else for this.  You should make sure that it also has contact with the air areas too. Tap water as well may be another problem. It does contain chlorine, which may possibly also cause a lot of issues. 

On the flip side, you want to make sure the seeds don’t get limited moisture either, since this as well can cause problems. You need to both raise and as well lower the temperature of the environment, and you want to make sure that you give them not only a good source of heat, but you also want to make sure that they’re getting enough moisture to continue to hydrate. 

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