How to Make Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

How to Make Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

A big part of cannabis cultivation is separating the genders of the seeds and plants, and if you don’t want it to pollenate the female plants that have seeds, you want to make sure that you have female plants. But there is something new, called feminized cannabis types of strains, which are basically seeds that will only make plants that are female. This is something that’s new, and some may wonder how in the world you do this. While you can get regular seeds, feminized ones are more popular. Why are they sought out though? 

Why you should grow Feminized Seeds 

Femininized seeds are something that a lot of people prefer over just regular seeds. You don’t have to worry about the plant being male or female, but there are other benefits too. 

For starters, you don’t have to worry about having to move plants, and it saves you space to grow the plants that you want. They’re also ore reliable, and it’s 99% probable that the plant will be female if you buy this There is also the chance for sinsemilla plants, which basically are pure female plants. You don’t have to worry about the plants being pollinated during different periods of flowering, unless of course you want the seeds for this. 

These are some of the many advantages, and it’s something that is definitely good for breeders. If you’re trying to get buds, and keep the males out of specific genes, this does create more chances of getting new cross-breeds too, which is what growers want. However right now the seeds that are femininized are pretty much what’s on the market, since this is something that’s a huge advantage for growers too. It does improve the photoperiod too for plants that are auto flowering. The biggest downside to this is definitely one that’d debated a lot.  Since the growers that get femininized seeds without the male plants around, they need to do the same thing to get the right seeds. However, some people don’t know how to do it, which is what does limit this. 

The Female Crosses to Make Feminized seeds for Cannabis 

Femininized seeds literally will reverse a plant sex so she’s able to create male flowers, so that once she’s flowering, she’ll make male parts that can release, and then they will pollinate any female plants around. What’s the difference then between reverted female and a female plant. This is something that’s similar to how we determine sex too, and when men with an XY and the female with the XX are there, that’s homogametic, but with the femininized seeds, this does as well take genetics into account, where the species will have half female, half male types of plants as a result of this. This is something most people figure out, since if you do cross two of the female plants, it’ll produce females only since this is the only chromosomes that are in question. 

With this as well, if you do reverse the gender of a plant, it does also sometimes cause a bit of a problem, where you may get female plants, but you also may not.  However, this also has another goal to this too, reducing the ethylene that is in this or stop the actions of ethylene, which then causes the males to enter a period of flowering as if it had regular seeds, and this is something that does naturally regulate the expression of sex in plants. 

This is a way to do it, but you do need to know how to make sure that your plants are properly femininized to get female plants. 

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