Rosin or BHO? 

Rosin or BHO? 

If you’re someone who likes to use cannabis concentrates, tow of the most popular are BHO and rosin, and they’re something that’s similar for the purity of this, the flavor that’s used, and their aroma. However, they use very different methods of extraction, which can push for us to use BHO a bit more, which is gotten through the washing of the plant matter with some butane gas. Rosin is something that’s similar, but it doesn’t use solvents with chemicals in them for it to work. We’ll go over which is the better option for your needs. 

All about BHO 

BHO is something that’s been used for over 20 years, and it does use butane to really get the concentrate out. It’s simple, strong, and has a really good performance, and it’s one of the most powerful substances. This is something that’s been evolving for a long time.  it’s gotten a bit dangerous with applications, such as open blasting which isn’t advisable, and there is also closed loop extractors that are used in our current world. They use a material that’s fresh to create live resin, which is a huge step in the right direction but offers a product with the best terpene profile out there that’s superior to the one from material that dried. 

This is something that’s been developed based on the texture of this, and it does have different types of concentrates used during this, and it uses vacuum points and temperatures to use this, and it does offer specific oil types because of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and the waxes that are used too. It’s hard to get the same texture as plants with this. 

What about Rosin? 

Rosin is a bit new, only around for less than a decade so far, and it’s something that separates the cannabis resin directly from the material of the plant. This is something that a lot of people look for when they’re choosing a concentrate or extract. This did make a splash in the cannabis world, since this is something that ironed the buds with a hair straightener which is effective, e although a bit crazy. 

This is something that is a bit taboo because of the state of cannabis in many places, but it’s been made with industrial pressure that use pressures in order to ensure the right control of temperature. There are also rosin bags that have microns in them, that let you compress the resins similar to hash, which lets experts use the techniques, and they get a product that does compete with the butane, all without the solvents. 

This is basically one of the major ways cannabis extracts and concentrates took over the market.  This is something that a lot of people like because of the lack of solvents, which made people feel a little bit safer when they have this, since it’s more “natural” in a sense. 

But since there isn’t a need for extract purging, it can offer oil that doesn’t have solvents in this, and it also lets us make terp sauce and THCA, which are definitely fashionable concentrates. 

So what’s better? 

Well, it all depends. If you want something that’s strong, BHO is a bit stronger.  Both rosin and BHO however, are both high quality products, and it’s something that’s safe for a person to have.  it’s hard though to put one over the other.  

It’s dangerous for people to make on their own. One because it’s expensive, but also because it’s dangerous to handle butane, so don’t try to make this on your own, and instead buy from a reputable supplier. 

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