Cannabis Creams and Ointments 

Cannabis Creams and Ointments 

There are a ton of benefits that come with cannabinoids including CBD, which have been found as of late, with a ton of studies discussing the usage of CBD to help with a ton of different symptoms and disease. Cosmetics and creams that use this also contain other substances too, including tea tree, rosemary, and terpenes as well. You may wonder how to use these, and here, we’ll go over everything that you need to know to get the right preparation for cannabis creams that you have, and any other benefits that may come with this too, especially if you do like to use these but don’t really know where to begin with them. 

How to make these 

The biggest thing to understand with this is that the ratio of the compounds and how this is mixed plays a big part of this. Working with some CBD-rich cannabis at first will offer more terpenes and cannabinoids than other ways. You also may want to use extract that’s purely CBD, and you may use terpenes too.  It also may require you to get an option form a professional though, since pure CBD crystals do cause issues with the entourage effect benefits, and this is something that definitely is important, especially when working to synergistically build and control the effects of such too. 

If you’re going to do this, you also need to factor in the costs too, since pure CBD with the terpenes isolated will cost a lot more. If you’re interested though, here is everything that you need to make cannabis creams on your own. Materials include: 

50 grams of CBD-rich flowers

60 grams of beeswax 

A liter of water 

Mesh gauze for straining 

500 mL of vegetable oil, specifically virgin olive oil 

5 ml of essential oils of choice. 

The steps to make this include the following: 

  1. First you must make the oil, which means that you’re dissolving the terpenes and the cannabinoids in an oil. You want to infuse this and then you mix this with the beeswax to make a cream. 
  2. To do this, you put the water along with the olive oil together, ground up the buds, and then, let it sit at about 200 degrees for about 203 hours, and during this you want to make sure it’s stirred a lot to make sure that it’s properly incorporated. You can then use a cheesecloth to filter this, and then, you can just put it inside your fridge for a bit to help the water and the oil separate. 
  3. Next, you can make the cream by putting a pan on low heat to make the oil a liquid, stirring this, adding in the oils, and finally the beeswax, stirring this constantly.  The mixture needs to be homogenous, and then, you can throw it in a pot or a jar. 
  4. Let it cool and become solid, and then, in a mere few minutes, you’ll be able to use this 

You should never use this inside the mouth or within areas with mucous membranes, so don’t have it get in your nose or eyes if possible. 

The uses 

The uses for this do vary, including pain from your muscles, osteoarthritis, and also arthritis in general, and it also has antibacterial along with antifungal properties to this, and it can treat psoriasis, and also other skin inflammation too. 

Vegetable essential oils too also help to create better treatments for pain along with inflammation, and with the terpenes, you’re also getting a lot of benefits that you will love as well too. 

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