All about Cannabis Roots 

Cannabis roots are basically the initial organ that you see in the plant that is directly in contact with the medium surrounding it once this germinates. Many times, people just assume a root is one thing, but there are actually three different kinds. You’ve got the tap root, which is considered the main root, the fibrous roots which are those that end up growing within the soil, and then of course the adventitious roots, which are from the stem and whatnot, and will grow to the soil and substrate utilized. 

Cannabis has all three times, but it also has adventitious roots the least, since usually this is something that’s not common in those areas with low humidity to this.  The fact that it can make these roots though is what makes cloning possible for this plant. 

The Structure 

The root has a root system, and the best way to think about it is kind of like a pyramid. Your tap root will grow directly downwards in a vertical manner.  Then, it’ll have different offshoots that go all around the substrate, and then the secondary roots will then have other offshoots that are called capillaries or root hairs, which are a big part of transpiration and water collection, along with the nutrients necessary for the whole plant. 

The roots do have the same structure for growing, where it’s got the main root, the secondary roots, and finally your capillaries of that, but the way that this gets into the substrate does depend on the way the root is comprised and the substrate too. 

For example, if the substrate is more compact, the roots will not expand, and pretty much they will grow slowly and the plant won’t grow as well, since if they can’t expand, it plays a major role in this. Those growers who don’t have the right substate to produce this will definitively see this problem all too often, and the right substate will only work for some kinds of plants and not necessarily others. If you end up using incorrect substates, the plant will grow in a lanky, small manner, and the foliage will not be as common, and usually, if you are watering it too much, or a drought is going on, then yes, that will cause other problems. 

Root functions 

The root is considered the plant foundation, and this is something that life is built off of, and it does have sme great functions that are there. One of the biggest is ensuring that the plant is upright and totally anchored. If it’s not developed correctly, then you’ll need to add support to help keep it from toppling over, especially when it’s flowering. 

Another big part of the roots is the nutrient uptake, which is a vital part of this, since they’re responsible for ensuring that the plant is getting enough nutrients and is fed enough so that the flowers are big and heavy. If the plant’s root system isn’t very good, then it will impact the way that the production of the buds go, and the way it happens will be reduced drastically. 

Usually, roots don’t have a specific barrier to themselves, but instead, they live in the substrate, and they will have thousands of different microorganisms working with this. Fungi, protozoa, algae, bacteria, and others will definitely play a role. These work together to help make sure the plant is properly fed as well and gets the right nutrients. And there you have it, all you need to know about roots, and the importance they have in the cannabis plant too.